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Blown or Failed Window Seals
How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Windows

by  Jeremy Rather

Foggy Windows

Have you ever noticed no matter how often you get your windows washed the fog on the windows always reappears? That intermittent fogging during fluctuation in temperatures is an indication you have what’s known as a “blown seal” in your insulated glass window or otherwise know as “dual paned window failure.” Here’s what happens:

Window Manufacturing

Double-pane window have two panes that are held apart by a metal strip. That strip is adhered to the two glass panes with a flexible sealant material.

During manufacturing, moisture is evacuated from between the glass panes as they’re sealed together, forming a dead air space. The two glass panes and the dead air work in tandem to give the windowpanes their additional insulating value and help keep the window warmer than one with a single pane of glass. Depending on the type of design of the window, inert argon gas is used between the panes to increase the insulating value.

Dual Paned Window Failure

In theory the insulated glass is designed to have quite a long life span, just as long as the windows themselves. However, sometimes there are flaws during manufacturing or some type of impact occurs to the window. This can cause small openings to appear in the seal allowing air and moisture to enter the space and the argon gas to escape out. This leads to temperature and moisture fluctuations within the panes of glass that lead to permanent fogging, streaks, lines, spots, and oxidation.

If you have windows that are damaged call the manufacturer or contractor because they may still be under warranty. If your warranty has expired call a glass installation expert to reseal or replace the window completely. Replacing the window entirely will make your home more energy efficient.